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KSM Developments is a global commercial real estate consulting & development firm. KSM was founded in late 2015 in Toronto Canada and is focused on deploying global and local capital into the North American real estate market.

KSM’s consulting platform specializes in off-market deal sourcing for its clients and accessing institutional capital for real estate acquisitions and development projects across North America via sophisticated debt and equity solutions.

In 2017 we started our development platform focused on acquiring and developing low-rise to high-rise residential and mixed-use projects along transportation hubs throughout the GTA through partnerships with seasoned developers.

Our clients vary from private real estate owners, publicly traded companies, asset managers, operators, REITs, developers, institutional investors, large private investors and family offices that are looking to deploy their capital into the North American real estate market.

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At KSM we are committed to establishing strong relationships with top-tier institutional investors and source the most efficient capital solutions that are globally available as shown in the case studies below in order to assist our clients to grow their businesses.

Corporate Financing

$100M public Issuance of corporate bonds, Nationwide, USA.

KSM & Associates assisted a publicly-traded US developer and owner in raising $100 Million of corporate bonds on their $800 Millon portfolio of multi-family, offices and ground-up residential development in the TASE. The bonds are not secured directly by the assets and enabling the developer to invest the proceeds in refinancing expensive mezzanine loans, buy partners out and invest in new acquisitions/developments. In many cases, this vehicle provides significantly lower cost of capital compare to the North American capital markets solutions and assist the developers in increasing their portfolio size substantially.

Private Equity Placement

$95M ground up luxury apartments development, Chicago, IL.

KSM consulted for a US developer in raising $25 Million equity to their $95 Million ground up multi-family project in Chicago. We were able to facilitate a strong relationship between the developer to a $60 Billion institutional investor that has a substantial amount of capital dedicated to ground-up developments across North America and has the ability to invest alongside the developer in many more deals going forward.

Corporate Financing

$35M private Issuance of corporate bonds, Nationwide, USA

In a private offering, KSM & Associates assisted in raising $35 Million of corporate bonds to a publicly-traded US developer in the Israeli capital market, the private offering process is very efficient and providing the client access to the funds in a matter of weeks from the begging of the process. The bonds are not secured directly by the assets and enabling the developer to continue expanding their portfolio efficiently with a lower cost of capital compared to the North American capital markets.

Assets Sales

$30M Off-market sale of a boutique hotel, Miami, FL

Through our off-market channels, KSM assisted a large international publicly-traded owner in selling their $30 Million hotel in Miami to a US publicly-traded hospitality group. It took only 3 months from the owner’s initial inquiry to the completion of the sale. We successfully sourced a buyer and helped with the transaction negotiation. The process was kept confidential and enabled the parties to manage the deal in a quick and efficient manner.


KSM is dedicated to assisting top-tier developers and operators in growing their businesses and taking part in building inspiring and forward-thinking real estate projects. With over 25 years of experience and knowledge the industry, KSM brings innovative and vibrant energy to the rapidly changing world of real estate, financing and development. We specialize in facilitating and establishing long-term relationships with institutional investors to enable our clients’ steady future growth.


Our typical deal size ranges from $25​ ​Million​ ​and up​ ​on investment sales transactions, and upwards of $50 Million on Ground Up developments or Value-Add projects where we assist in equity placement. KSM consults its clients on a wide range of real estate sectors, from existing multi-family residences and​ ​development sites, to office, retail, hospitality, senior housing and industrial​ ​across ​North America. KSM’s investment criteria for its development projects range from $50 – $100 Million in total costs on for ground-up residential, mixed-use and hospitality projects adjacent to transportation hubs across the GTA.


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